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| BASI key cutting machines, cutting bits and jaws


Customer lost a car key? Broken their front door key? Need a second key? No problem when they’ve got access to experts like you. Instead of replacing the lock, you can create an exact copy of the key in just a few minutes. At a customer-friendly price.

Locksmiths are the heroes that come to people’s aid. Sometimes even literally. But when both speed and perfect quality are required, this places high demands on your technology and skills.

So, while you might have the necessary expertise, we can ensure you have the right tools and accessories for the job. We can supply whatever your key cutting or locksmith business needs. In the BASI shop, you’ll find key cutting machines and accessories and be able to compare our jaws and shank cutters. Why not put our adapters and gauges to the test and keep your machines in perfect condition with BASI?

You’ll benefit from our experience while benefiting from the value for money offered by our products. Feel free to pass on the savings to your customers – and gain a real competitive advantage.

You’ll be joining the large number of professionals who rely on BASI as an established machinery retailer. Why? Because we deliver quality in the form of machines that last. This drive for quality is also reflected in our jaws and other accessories. After all, not all key cutting jaws are the same.

And key cutting machines need to be precise – a promise we live up to every time you use our equipment. That’s why we supply high-quality tools and an unarguable reason for buying from BASI.


| What BASI key cutting machinery is available?


BASI can supply whatever key cutting professionals need for their work. Do you need jaws in a variety of designs? We’ve got them. Shank cutter X, shank cutter Y or cutting bit set Z? You’ll find them in our shop. A complete machine or just some minor accessories? Your products are on their way.

We are an established supplier of key cutting machines and accessories. In particular, we’re known for our

Every key is different. That’s why we equip your machine with adapters and jaws for a wide variety of key types. We also stock vital accessories such as cutting bits and gauges. We supply sophisticated transponder technology for car keys.

The world of bolts and locks is subject to constant innovation. As a retailer, we aim to win you over with the new products we develop. Interested in the next generation of key cutting machines? A completely new kind of shank cutter? You’ll find details of such developments in our regularly updated News section.


| Why opt for BASI key cutting machines and cutting bits?


Because you only get one go at cutting the right key from a key blank. After all, you can’t put back any material removed by the cutting bits of your key cutting machine. That’s why BASI key cutting machines offer unconditional levels of precision – in a piece of equipment that really works.

Start-up locks prevent damage to the cutting bit. They also allow you to put yourself in the right working position before the cutting machine starts up. Sensors and gauges operate with micrometric degrees of precision, providing a range of size adjustments that are vital for the modern key. The adjustment is carried out partly electronically.

Needless to say, we also consider the user-friendliness of the machine. Thanks to its LED lights, you can always see what the cutting bit is doing. Devices to catch any metal shavings ensure that your workplace remains clean.

If you need to use an electronic solution, BASI key cutting machines are the right choice. They allow precise results based on a code or pattern. What’s more, they are also easy to operate. We can supply the correct tablet for any digital key cutting machine.

For the production of our cutting bits, gauges and accessories, we rely on traditional workmanship. Our jaws and adapters are durable and ready to use. They are made of materials that are setting new industry standards. Whatever the key you’re working on, our wide product range will ensure you have the right accessories. That’s a promise.


| Find the right tool straight away with BASI


You’re unlikely to find the right machine or jaw based on technical data and dimensions alone. The security industry also depends on advice and information. This applies to both experts like you and retailers like us.

BASI’s cutting bits and key cutting machines work best as a unit. We can therefore advise you on the best choice of product for any application. We’ll talk through our key cutting machines with you and help you find the right jaw for your requirements. We can also offer good advice on shank cutters and other tools.

Need someone to guide you through our key cutting machine accessories range? We’re as happy to help experienced professionals as we are to advise newcomers to the industry. Feel free to use the contact form if you’re looking for a specific cutting bit or a special model. We can help you find the jaw you need or advise you on alternatives.

As a B2B provider of equipment for key cutting services and locksmiths, we offer much more than just shank cutters and machinery. Read about our product ranges for:

We can supply our standard range just as quickly as specialist solutions for specific applications. And we are happy to come up with custom solutions. Whatever you need in the field of key cutting and locksmith services – our BASI sales and support experts are ready to help.

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