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| BASI door and window fittings – security built on experience


Our homes and possessions are subject to a number of potential hazards. As well as theft and possible damage, these include more mundane issues such as draughts. When it comes to warding off burglars, a mere door knob or simple window handle are unlikely to be sufficient. With BASI’s door and window fittings, you can transform points of access into buildings into effective barriers. Our aim? To ensure that BASI door and window fittings can withstand the efforts of even the most determined thieves. Our fittings – from a simple window handle to an elaborate locking mechanism – offer outstanding security. Our door handles are easy to operate, while our door knobs can cope with constant usage. With BASI’s window fittings and door products, you can give your customers an unprecedented feeling of security. To make this happen, we ensure that our stainless steel and aluminium protective fittings meet the highest standards – not just in terms of protecting entrance doors and windows but also in their handling and design. After all, there’s no reason that security shouldn’t also look good. When it comes to quality and durability, BASI’s protective fittings can’t be beaten. From the simple door handle set and escutcheon to the fire protection model, you’ll find it easy to convince your customers of our products’ worth.


| What protective fittings and door handles are supplied by BASI?


Looking for a stainless-steel door handle or an aluminium door knob? Do you want to secure a ground-floor window or replace the window fittings for the skylights? Our wide selection of protective fittings gives you a range of options. We stock models for external doors and room doors as well as stainless steel protective fittings for use with fire doors.

Our hot tip: Not only do we take care of the door handle but can also supply you with BASI door closers and locking systems. After all, the right door handle requires the right lock. And even the thickest steel door would be ineffective without a secure lock.


| What makes BASI’s window and door fittings special?


Do door knobs simply have to work or can they also be attractive? As every professional knows, a combination of both is the best option. As the main material used, stainless steel can be processed into virtually any shape and design to match a contemporary interior. What’s more, steel is practically the safest metal out there. As for whether your customers prefer polished or matt steel, that’s simply a matter of taste. When it comes to function, however, taste becomes irrelevant. Our stainless steel or aluminium protective fittings are designed for continual use, no matter how many people use the door knob or door handle every day. And neither do we compromise on security factors. Only using screw fittings that are invisible on the outside is essential, as is ensuring a flush fit for the cylinder and fitting. For us at BASI, security fittings only deserve their name if they fit exactly in the location where they are being used. That’s why we stock a wide selection of products, provide ample information on each item and offer an adaptable product range.

  • Matching door handle combinations depending on the location
  • Choice of lock cavity (mortice lock, toilet lock, profile cylinder) depending on the function of the door
  • Different plate thicknesses and distances for each product


| Why should I use BASI door handles and door knobs?


Your customers know what kind of look they want their door handle or door knob to have. You, however, know when stainless steel is called for. And you also know when the very best security fittings might be needed. BASI is the expert in lock mechanisms. That’s why you can rely on us as both a manufacturer and business partner. As specialists in bolts, security devices and safety, we can do way more than just supply you with door knobs and fittings. Instead, we can get a handle on your customers’ entire security concept – ideally in conjunction with you. Our team can provide comprehensive advice on BASI’s door handles, protective fittings and window handles. We can put together the full range of components you need at any time, from door knobs to additional security devices.

Feel free to ask us which standards a particular model complies with or whether alternatives might be more suitable. If you can’t find the right door knob for your customer right away, please let us know. As your professional partner, we’re in our element when we’re dealing with non-standard solutions.

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