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| Security with BASI’s products for the protection of valuables


With BASI’s range of sales, cash boxes and other products for protecting valuables, you can ensure your customers’ most precious items are safe and secure. Our security products help to safeguard not just cash and credit and debit cards but, importantly, customers’ jewellery and documents too, by providing various degrees of protection. We therefore offer a diverse selection of products for the protection of valuables.


| BASI’s wide range of products for the protection of valuables


BASI’s portfolio of products in this field includes safes for protecting cash and credit cards as well as electronic furniture safes and safes offering fire protection and high levels of security. As well as being diverse in terms of their appearance and the different fixing mechanisms used, your customers can also benefit from a variety of lock mechanisms in our range of safes. Our product portfolio includes safes with and without keys, safes with combination locks and safes opened by fingerprint scan. Below, you’ll find an overview of our safes, cash boxes and other products for the protection of valuables:

  • Furniture safes
  • BASI’s range of “mySafe” safes
  • Cash boxes
  • Credit card sleeves with NFC protection
  • Key safes
  • Emergency key boxes
  • Key boxes and key cabinets
  • Strong boxes


| Meeting your customers’ specific requirements


With BASI, you’ll find the right products for your customers’ needs. Depending on the valuables that need to be protected, different specifications will influence the choice of product used for the protection of valuables. The differences might involve the type of encryption used, the look of the product or the fixing mechanism deployed. All of these options are covered by our selection of cash boxes, standard safes and fireproof compact safes.


| A high-quality safe – the best place for high-value items


Our furniture safe from the BASI “mySafe” range is ideal for protecting items of sentimental value such as jewellery. Not only are these safes available in an attractive design and in different colours – from apple green to lemon yellow – but they also offer a particularly high level of security thanks to their electronic combination lock with emergency power supply. In addition, they include a wall mounting facility and can also easily be installed within cupboards. Due to their compact size, they can also be stored in drawers or hidden in desks.


| Traditional furniture safes


In addition to our “mySafe” range, we also stock traditional steel furniture safes, available either with or without an electronic lock. The safe with an electronic lock is available in two different versions: with a combination code or fingerprint opening. Each of these is powered by 4 AA batteries. Our traditional furniture safes are available in black and in three different sizes. Two emergency keys are included with the product.


| Optimal & secure storage of keys


In the BASI shop, you’ll find a number of options for keeping keys safe. These range from key cabinets and key safes to emergency key boxes for both personal and professional use. Up to 200 keys can be stored in our key cabinets in a secure and orderly way. Thanks to the height-adjustable key racks, the cabinets can accommodate keys of various sizes. In addition, the key racks are consecutively numbered and colour-coded, enabling the keys to be stored in a clearly organised manner. The key cabinets each come with two keys and can be easily mounted on the wall. Our smaller key boxes are ideally suited for domestic use. One especially practical and appealing option is the key box that can be disguised as a smart picture frame in the hallway and which provides space for up to five keys. In our key safes, meanwhile, you can protect not just keys but also smaller valuables from theft. They are ideal for manual workers, healthcare staff, holiday homes, office buildings and many other situations. To unlock our key safes, mechanisms used include combination locks, keypads, a single-profile cylinder mechanism and even a Bluetooth-based system. The safes are also weather-resistant and can be mounted on the wall or attached, padlock-style, to fixed struts. Our emergency key boxes protect keys from unauthorised access. However, they can be made accessible in an emergency either with or without the aid of a glass breaker included with the product.


| Money and valuables securely in one place


Our cash boxes offer a secure way of protecting your own money and that of your customers. We stock both simple children’s money boxes and standard cash boxes with a cash tray, as well as high-quality cash boxes with a removable coin tray and compartments for notes. In addition, up to seven credit or debit cards can be protected against unauthorised use by our credit card sleeves with NFC protection. Strong boxes and compact safes are ideal in situations where not just money but also other valuables such as important documents and data storage media need to be protected. In the BASI shop, you’ll find both fireproof and waterproof strong boxes.

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