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| Essential items for everyday life


Essential items in every home or workshop include those little tools that can be used to extend and maintain the service life of locks, profile cylinders and many other things. BASI offers a comprehensive range of maintenance products and smaller tools – from maintenance spray to Allen keys.


| What maintenance products and tools are supplied by BASI?


As well as our selection of maintenance products, BASI also offers a wide variety of useful tools for both you and your customers. Here is an overview of our comprehensive range:


Maintenance products

  • Special maintenance spray
  • Graphite


  • Mandrel keys
  • Profile bars
  • Gauges
  • Bollard keys
  • Allen keys
  • Radiator keys
  • Builder’s keys
  • File sets
  • Opening claws
  • Universal socket tool
  • Door viewer drills
  • Letter punch stamp sets
  • Profile gauges


| Genuine all-rounders


These items might be small, but they make a big difference when it comes to the service life of your or your customers’ products. BASI’s special maintenance spray is suitable for a wide range of applications in the home, workplace and hobby fields, providing reliable protection from wear and tear. In addition, it’s perfect for maintaining locks and lock barrels, as a lubricant for oiling hinges, for protecting items from corrosion and removing rust, and as a contact spray. It performs these tasks by displacing water, dissolving rust and dirt, and sealing surfaces. In addition to the special maintenance spray, you’ll also find our high-quality dry lubricant graphite in our range. This is particularly suitable for lock-related applications, for instance for lock barrels or for cleaning car locks. The dry lubricant also facilitates and prolongs the operation of padlocks.


| Tools


Everything works better with the right tools. This applies both to specialist service businesses and to hobbyists’ workshops. However, certain tools are also important for households of any type. For example, to bleed radiators, a matching radiator key is indispensable. Other keys, such as mandrel keys, Allen keys, bollard keys and builder’s keys can be found within our shop. However, our portfolio also includes specialist tools. These include Profile bars and gauges, opening claws, letter punch stamp sets, file sets, gauges for measuring door cylinders, and door viewer drills for installing standard door viewers.

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