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| Effective vehicle anti-theft devices


In Germany, a car is stolen every 90 minutes, with high-value cars, SUVs and vans particularly popular with thieves. An anti-theft device can effectively tackle this problem. From BASI, you’ll find a wide range of anti-car theft devices for both private and business use.


| Which vehicle anti-theft devices are supplied by BASI?


BASI offers the following devices for the prevention of vehicle theft:


| Protection from theft in every situation


BASI vehicle anti-theft devices offer the right protection for your customers’ vehicles in every situation. Garages can therefore be doubly protected thanks to our additional security devices for garage doors, warding off thieves even more effectively. With the help of bollards, vehicles can be protected in private parking spaces, carports and also in holiday parks. They also prevent the use of parking spaces by unauthorised vehicles. When out and about, our handy steering wheel locks, wheel clamps and pedal locks can provide protection. They are also, of course, perfect for preventing vehicle theft from permanent parking spaces. BASI also supplies effective trailer locks for vehicles with trailers. Other security products from BASI include a multifunctional luminaire and a multi-purpose emergency tool with emergency window hammer and emergency seatbelt cutter.

| Safely underway with BASI’s load securing devices


If you want to travel safely by car, truck or trailer, an appropriate load securing device is essential. Any objects being transported in the vehicle interior should also be well secured. With BASI’s tie down straps, bungee cords and lashing straps – which have all been tested by Germany’s prestigious TÜV institute – your customers’ loads will be as secure as possible. Here’s a brief overview of our current product range.


| Which load securing products are supplied by BASI?


BASI offers a variety of products that will make it that much easier for your customers to transport loads. These include:

Below, you’ll find a more detailed description of our individual products.


| TÜV-tested tie down straps for safe transport by road


Tie down straps can be used for a wide variety of loads. With our tie down straps, loads can easily be secured for transportation. They are often used for transporting objects in cars and vans. However, lashing straps can also be used for securing loads for transport by bike (or by bicycle trailer) for safe transport by road. Our range includes lashing straps featuring a ratchet or clamp mechanism with and without an S-hook or J-hook and a lashing capacity of up to 800 kg, self-winding tie down straps, straps with a metal clasp and grip, and protective pads that are especially suitable for luggage straps.


| High-quality bungee cords


Among their other uses, bungee cords are perfect for transporting or fastening down smaller and lighter objects. They can be used, for example, for securing objects within the car or the caravan or on the pannier rack of a bicycle. Another method of securing loads inside a motor vehicle is to use luggage nets to ensure that accidents don’t cause even worse consequences due to items left loose in the boot. As well as bungee cords for lighter objects, BASI also stocks stronger bungee cords with a lashing capacity of up to 85 kg. In addition, bungee cords featuring inverted double hooks, metal or plastic hooks, carabiners, STEELCOR hooks or ball-type fastenings can be found here in the shop.


| Securely fastened together – loop cables & chains


In BASI’s product range, you’ll also find loop cables and chains for your customers. Loop cables are ideal for securing garden furniture, gates, tools, multiple bicycles and many other things. Conventional chain locks or cable locks are often too short for such purposes. Loop cables are generally used in combination with smaller locks to extend these in an easy way. In order to properly adapt the fastening to the circumference of the objects to be protected, adjustable cables, which you can also find here in the shop, are ideal. In addition, tempered-steel chains offer a very high level of security. You can choose from chains with and without (nylon or vinyl) sleeves, and chains in different lengths and thicknesses and with different locking mechanisms, such as an integrated combination lock.

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