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| Additional security devices – effective and essential


While closed windows and doors can provide a feeling of comfort, they are often easy to outsmart and therefore not completely burglar-proof. To ensure even greater protection, doors and windows can benefit from additional security devices. BASI offers a wide range of products – from door bars and supplementary door locks to door viewers and more besides.


| Which additional security devices are supplied by BASI?


In the BASI shop, you’ll find a range of different options for ensuring your customers’ doors are secure against break-in. These range from a variety of locks and door chains to door viewers for front doors, apartment doors, side doors and basement doors.

If the main door of a property is burglar-proof but the windows lack any additional protection or are a little older, it’s usually not difficult for intruders to gain access to a house or apartment. These issues can be resolved by additional security devices for windows, such as window locks, lockable window handles or roller shutter locks. As well as securing windows and doors, BASI also offers additional security devices for cellar shafts, gates, and other locations.


| Door bars


Door bars are ideal for securing the front doors of houses and apartments as they are suitable for doors that open inwards. Door bars provide protection on both the lock side and the hinge side, thereby offering the best possible defence against attempts to open the door from the outside.


| Door chains and supplementary door locks


Additional security devices for doors, such as door chains and door locks, offer reliable protection against intruders. Door chains ensure that your customers’ house or apartment doors are optimally secured with no damage to the door during installation. This makes them particularly suitable for rental properties. At BASI, you’ll therefore find both traditional pure-steel door chains and chains with a high-quality rubber sleeve, preventing the door from being scratched. What’s more, the door chains can be attached without any drilling. For owner-occupied flats and houses, supplementary door locks offer particularly good protection against break-in. In our range, you’ll find a variety of case locks, some of which come equipped with an additional locking bar. Such locking bars are especially appropriate if there are young children in the household, as they enable the door to be opened a little without, however, being fully open.


| Door viewers


Additional security is also provided by door viewers, through which a person can see who’s at the door before they even open it. This makes it easier to assess or avoid potentially hazardous situations. At BASI, you’ll find both traditional door viewers and electronic door viewers. Features of the electronic door viewers in our range include storage of photos and videos, a motion detector and a night vision function. They are easy to charge using batteries or a USB cable.


| Window locks


Whether single, double or French windows are involved, BASI has the right window locks for your customers’ needs. Our window locks are suitable for inward-opening windows made of wood, metal or plastic. The locks can be closed from the inside and prevent the window being opened from the outside by means of a locking bar. With this, the window is secured very easily without a key either by means of a push button or by pushing the window up.


| Window handles


In addition, windows can be quickly and easily made burglar-proof with the aid of special window handles. BASI supplies both key-lockable window handles and handles with a push-button locking mechanism, which are ideal for most standard windows.


| Roller shutter locks


While traditional mechanical roller shutters are often used to protect windows against burglary, on their own they’re not enough. With the roller shutter lock, it’s easy to prevent the shutter from being pushed up from the outside as the toothed safety arms will then automatically interlock with one another, thereby securing the shutter in place.


| Discover our other additional security devices.


| Grate locks


Even if doors and windows have been secured as fully as possible, an intruder can still gain access via the cellar shafts. BASI’s grate lock can resolve this problem. A chain protects grates above basement and cellar shafts from being prised open. In an emergency, the chain can be unlocked from the inside so that the grate lock does not block a necessary route of escape.


| Additional security for gates


To secure a garage or set of gates, BASI also offers various additional security devices for protecting your customers’ valuables.


| Additional security devices in branded self-service packaging


We can now also supply additional security devices with packaging featuring your business’s brand. In other words, instead of the BASI logo, we can now print your company colours and logo on the self-service packaging. This reinforces your brand image and builds trust on the part of your customers. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in customised packaging or if you’d like to have a look at our product range.

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