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| Travel security – the top priority on holiday or on a business trip


We all know that feeling of euphoria just before you leave for a trip or a holiday. To ensure that nothing can spoil that feeling, protecting the valuables you’ll be taking on your journey should always be a priority. Whether on a holiday or business trip, in fact, travel security is absolutely essential. Important valuables such as smartphones, credit cards, cameras, passports and flight tickets should always be well protected. Items of luggage, from suitcases to travel bags, can also be effectively protected from theft with the help of BASI’s travel security products. Travel safes, luggage locks, luggage straps, credit card sleeves and many other products can help your customers feel safe and secure on their next trip.


| Luggage locks, luggage straps and other luggage security products


Here’s an overview of our products for making your luggage secure – from luggage locks to luggage straps and more besides:

  • Luggage locks featuring a combination lock, TSA lock or address label, made of plastic, steel or zinc, and with a safety clip or steel cable
  • Luggage straps with or without an additional combination lock
  • Practical luggage tags with address label

A luggage lock is a top priority when it comes to securing your suitcases and bags. In the BASI shop, you’ll find luggage locks in a variety of designs, ensuring your customers have a wide selection to choose from. As a general rule, all our luggage locks include a combination lock and are made of plastic, steel or zinc. This makes them both robust and easy to use.

Our portfolio includes a large selection of TSA locks so that any of your customers travelling to countries such as the United States, Finland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Austria or South Korea can securely lock their luggage while still complying with official regulations. Finally, our TSA locks conform with the US Transport Security Administration’s standards and can be opened if necessary using an official key without destroying the lock.

It’s also no problem if the luggage lock doesn’t fit a particular suitcase, as locks featuring steel brackets and flexible steel cables are also available. In addition, you’ll also find practical luggage locks with an integrated address label, ensuring that any lost baggage is quickly returned to its owner. As an alternative, aluminium luggage tags can be used. These can simply be labelled and attached to the luggage with the aid of the steel cable supplied. With these tags, the address details are not directly visible at first glance and can only be seen once the luggage tag has been opened.

Luggage straps are a good way of ensuring that cases can be easily recognised by their owner. A coloured luggage strap can not only make a suitcase easy to spot on the baggage carousel but will also protect it from springing open, avoiding unpleasant situations for all concerned. For even more security, we also offer luggage straps with combination locks.


| Protecting personal valuables when travelling


It’s especially important to properly protect items of value during any trips or holidays. Whether your customers are carrying their smartphone, cash or credit cards, with BASI’s products for the protection of valuables, these items can be made as secure as possible.

An overview of our products for the protection of valuables:

  • Travel safes: Compact mini-safes with a combination lock for valuables
  • Credit card holders with NFC protection against data theft

The question of how travel documents, smartphones, credit cards and other valuables can best be protected arises not just when a person is travelling to and from their destination but also during their stay. BASI’s handy compact safes are perfect for such situations. The travel safes have a combination lock and can be easily attached to furniture using a steel cable.

Credit and debit cards with an NFC function (for contactless payment) are particularly useful for those travelling, as they allow the user to quickly and easily pay for items. However, this feature can also be used just as readily by data thieves for reading the credit card data and making payments. BASI’s credit card sleeves with NFC protection help overcome this problem. Our credit card holders are available in different colours and can protect up to seven cards.

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