Car Door Openers

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  • ÖT 910
    wafer lock pick, standard version
    Available in different versions
  • ÖT 900
    car door claw, claw with scratch avoiding rubber cover
    Item No.: 9995-0900
  • ÖT 901
    air wedge "p", wedge will be pushed between
    car door and frame, with careful inflating the air wedge
    Item No.: 9995-0901
  • ÖT 902
    air wedge "p2", with additional plastic sheet to avoid
    scratches in car lack
    Item No.: 9995-0902
  • ÖT 905
    lupe opener XXL, to use and move keys or buttons
    inside the vehicle
    Item No.: 9995-0905
  • ÖT 906
    car door opener,
    car opening tool to pull small handles or switches
    Item No.: 9995-0906
  • ÖT 907
    car door opener,
    car opening tool especially for trapezoid switches
    Item No.: 9995-0907
  • ÖT 908
    Vacuum Lifting Tool
    Item No.: 9995-0908
  • ÖT 912
    master key set JIG 10,
    for opening wafer locks like used in cars
    Item No.: 9995-0912
  • ÖT 913
    master key set JIG 15,
    special key set with computerized cuttings
    Item No.: 9995-0913
  • ÖT 919
    Automobile Tensioner Set
    Item No.: 9995-0919
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