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  • HMF 200
    solid carbide revolving burr 4 x 60 mm
    Item No.: 9992-0200
  • HMF 201
    solid carbide revolving burr 6 x 60 mm
    Item No.: 9992-0201
  • HMF 202
    solid carbide revolving burr 3 x 65 mm with stop
    Item No.: 9992-0202
  • ÖT 118
    spiral door latch opener
    (right turned version)
    Item No.: 9995-0118
  • ÖT 118E
    replacement spiral for spiral door latch opener ÖT 118
    (right turned version)
    Item No.: 9995-0118E
  • ÖT 119
    spiral door latch opener,
    (left turned version)
    Item No.: 9995-0119
  • ÖT 119E
    replacement spiral for spiral door latch opener ÖT 119
    (left turned)
    Item No.: 9995-0119E
  • ÖT 129
    latch opening card for emergency doors,
    suitable for emergency doors and
    Item No.: 9995-0129
  • ÖT 129E
    replacement card, for latch opening card ÖT 129 for
    emergency doors
    Item No.: 9995-0129E
  • ÖT 135
    latch puller,
    suitable for almost all outwards opening doors
    Item No.: 9995-0135
  • ÖT 136
    power screw driver for 4 mm milling,
    12 x 2 x 210 mm
    Item No.: 9995-0136
  • ÖT 137
    power screw driver for 3 mm milling,
    10 x 1,6 x 180 mm
    Item No.: 9995-0137
  • ÖT 187
    v-form glider left,
    special tool for tight moving latches,
    Item No.: 9995-0187
  • ÖT 188
    panic door glider left,
    for outside opening panic doors, for double fold doors
    Item No.: 9995-0188
  • ÖT 1160
    door lever tool for door viewer, this tool push the interior
    door handle down, if the door viewer was removed.
    Item No.: 9995-1160
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