door chains

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  • TK 50
    door chain lockable, for front doors and apartment doors,
    no drilling in door leaf or door frame necessary,
    Item No.: 6500-0011
  • TSS 20 Door Guard
    stainless steel 304, 68x110/59 mm
    Item No.: 6500-0020
  • TK 21 Door Chain
    zinc alloy, 129/82 mm,
    with flexible sleeve,
    Item No.: 6500-0021
  • TK 22 Door Chain
    stainless steel 304, 90/43.5 mm
    chain length 175 mm
    Item No.: 6500-0022
  • TK 25
    Türkette für Hauseingangs- und Wohneingangstüren,
    gehärtete ummantelte Kettenglieder, Kettenhalterung,
    Item No.: 6500-0025
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