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| Wheel clamps from BASI – security for your vehicle


| Advantages of wheel clamps from BASI


Our wheel clamps protect cars from theft: these practical anti-theft devices are particularly suitable for vehicles that are often stationary. Thanks to the bright warning colours, the wheel clamps are very conspicuous and deter thieves. But the deterrent effect is only one of the advantages: the wheel clamp ensures that the vehicle can’t be moved from the spot. The clamps are secured with a security lock and can be unlocked with one of the keys provided. This makes wheel clamps the perfect addition to an electronic immobiliser system.


| Overview of the advantages


  • Mechanical immobiliser
  • Easy to use
  • Attaches to the wheel in a few simple steps
  • Visual deterrent thanks to warning colours
  • Reliable security
  • Anti-theft protection for cars, SUVs, vans, camper vans, trailers and caravans


| How do our wheel clamps work?


The wheel clamps are fixed to the wheel rim from the outside, tightened and locked in place with one of the keys provided. Once the clamp is attached, the wheel is blocked. This makes the car undriveable and protects it against theft.


| How do our wheel clamps work?


We have wheel clamps with and without wheel nut protection in our range. Our wheel clamps are adjustable and are suitable for use as anti-theft devices on cars, SUVs, camper vans, caravans and vans.


| Which cars are compatible with wheel clamps from BASI?


We supply practical immobilisers for cars, vans, trailers and camper vans with a tyre width of up to 215 mm. Wheel clamps with wheel nut protection are also available for tyres widths of 13 to 17 inches.


| What material are wheel clamps from BASI made from?


Hardened steel ensures optimum anti-theft protection: all wheel clamps from BASI are therefore particularly sturdy and robust. We also supply products with a plastic coating to protect wheels and tyres.


| Are there any regulations to be aware of when using a wheel clamp?


There are no restrictions on using a wheel clamp to protect your own vehicle from theft. However, you must never block another person's vehicle with this type of immobiliser. The immobilisation of cars using a wheel clamp is only permitted by the German authorities, such as the police, in exceptional cases and as a last resort.


| What are the alternatives to wheel clamps?


Steering wheel locks are another option when it comes to purchasing a mechanical anti-theft device. These are fitted inside the vehicle. They prevent any steering movement so the secured vehicle cannot be steered through traffic. This makes them a good alternative to wheel clamps when considering vehicle security options.


| BASI: Your supplier for wheel clamps


Find wheel clamps at great prices here at BASI! Impress your customers with high-quality products and excellent value.

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