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Steering Wheel Lock

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| Steering wheel locks – effective vehicle theft protection


| Advantages of steering wheel locks from BASI – for your car security


Anyone in search of a mechanical anti-theft device for their car or vehicle would be well advised to purchase a steering wheel lock. The lock can be attached to the steering wheel in just a few simple steps. Once attached, it prevents the steering wheel from turning. The car is rendered undriveable and thieves are deterred. That’s why steering wheel locks are the ideal addition to an alarm system and an electronic immobiliser in every vehicle. Although even the best steering wheel locks can be overcome with a lot of force and heavy tools, they still offer protection against theft: after all, thieves always look for an easy target and usually only spend about 3 minutes on a vehicle. If you have secured your vehicle well against theft, then thieves will probably opt for a vehicle that’s easier to crack. In particular, robust steering wheel locks and those with an integrated alarm are an even bigger deterrent.


| Overview of the advantages


  • Effective protection against theft
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated alarm or flashing LED light for increased security (depending on the model)
  • Combination lock and profile cylinder lock options available
  • Models for all vehicle types: cars, vans, camper vans and trucks


| How do our car steering wheel locks work?


Our car steering wheel locks are quick and easy to attach to your vehicle’s steering wheel. All of our steering wheel lock models are based on the same basic principle: the hooks are attached to the steering wheel and then locked into position. Either with one of the keys provided or using the combination lock code, depending on the design. The steering wheel lock physically prevents the car’s steering function. This protects the car from theft because once the hooks are locked in place, it is no longer possible to move the car through traffic. We also sell a steering wheel/pedal lock: the two hooks are attached to the steering wheel and brake pedal, making your car twice as secure. Some of our steering wheel locks can be used to block the hand brake and gear stick as well as the steering wheel. Another model scares off thieves with a shrill alarm. This alarm is switched on using the supplied remote control. When activated, the alarm has a volume of 120 decibels and forces thieves to flee.


| Which cars are compatible with steering wheel locks from BASI?


Our steering wheel locks are universal for every vehicle and therefore fit all standard steering wheels on cars, vans, camper vans and trucks. Some locks are only compatible with certain sized steering wheels, you can find further information on this in the individual product descriptions. Many of our steering wheel locks are fully adjustable (with no set increments) so that they can be adjusted to fit your car's steering wheel.


| What material are steering wheel locks from BASI made from?


Our high-quality steering wheel locks are made from robust or hardened steel. The solid steering wheel locks make stealing the vehicle almost impossible. We also recognise that it’s important to protect the inside of your car: most models come with a plastic or rubber coating to protect the vehicle’s steering wheel and dashboard. The brightly coloured coating also offers even more security: the colourful lock is clearly visible on the steering wheel and acts as a deterrent.


| Are there any regulations to be aware of when using steering wheel locks?


Steering wheel locks are designed to increase the security of your own vehicle and can be used as anti-theft protection at any time without concern.


| What are the alternatives to steering wheel locks?


For stationary vehicles, wheel clamps are another possible vehicle anti-theft device. In contrast to steering wheel locks, these mechanical immobilisers are fitted directly to the wheel and therefore provide additional protection against theft. Used together with a steering wheel lock with optional alarm, the wheel clamp’s highly visible warning colours are an additional visual deterrent that can be seen from afar.


| BASI: Your supplier for steering wheel locks


We reliably supply various steering wheel locks for cars and other vehicles, tailored to the needs of your customers. Here at BASI, you can be sure of excellent quality, personalised advice and great value. BASI – everything secure. Find out for yourself!

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