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Profile Cylinders

| BASI profile cylinders – security as standard


So, your customer simply wants a secure lock and there’s no other solution available. No worries, since security comes as standard with BASI – for you and your customers. As an expert, of course, you know how complex security can be. A front door is quite different from a door to a room. And a locking system imposes certain requirements that don’t arise with a single lock. One thing is certain, however. When it comes to secure locks, the term “profile cylinder” is almost a magic word. Lock cylinders bring the key and lock principle into the modern era. They offer DIN-standard protection against intruders. They include features that can help customers sleep peacefully at night. And they’re so versatile that they can help you come up with the right solution for virtually any door. All the more so when a BASI profile cylinder is involved. We assist security experts in meeting all of their customers’ requirements by supplying cylinders and locking systems in all sizes and designs. With BASI, you get high-quality lock cylinders and barrels at an attractive price. This ensures you can always offer your customers the best deal in the market.


| What makes BASI’s profile cylinders special?


Security is the be-all and end-all when it comes to lock cylinders and barrels. What’s more, we ensure that all of our products are easy to install and have a long service life. The specifications for profile cylinders are set down in the DIN 18252 standard. However, our cylinders surpass even these specifications. For example, the DIN standard stipulates that a lock cylinder or barrel should be as effective as possible in terms of protection against lock-picking. The longer a lock cylinder withstands the use of lock-picking tools, the more reliable the lock. We are constantly working to increase this ability to withstand such tools. Our reputation as experts in secure lock cylinders and barrels is evident in the many models we offer.

The product page for each cylinder lock includes detailed information on its security level and features. For any questions about measurement or installation, feel free to contact us.


| What are the advantages of BASI’s lock cylinders and barrels?


Security is important to us. In order to be able to guarantee this, we thoroughly test our products. Our internal barrel test is like an Olympic games for burglars. Before we even put a profile cylinder on the market, it has to prove how resistant it is. Our testers use our specialist opening tools to measure how long the profile cylinder can withstand their efforts.

Only if our “tame thieves” fail to pick the lock are we satisfied with the quality of the product concerned, as this shows that our models are up to the job in terms of their resistance to picking and drilling.

In addition, our product range covers the entire range of door accessories, security requirements, lock cylinders and barrels. You therefore have a wide choice in every product category.

  • Closure types
  • With and without hazard feature
  • Sizes, dimensions and lengths
  • Security classes
  • Simple designs
  • Profile cylinders with code

In addition, for each barrel and key set, you can also order matching key blanks and accessories in different sizes.


| How can I best combine lock cylinders or barrels with security technology?


There’s no such thing as absolute security. However, with BASI you can get pretty close. We don’t just take care of the barrels or cylinders but also of everything associated with these. Such products range from fittings, strike plates and locks of all kinds. We can also supply you with security hasps and additional security devices. Our door technology combines security with dedication. In all of our product developments, we always keep the particular requirements of experts like you in mind. We aim for a balance between protection, price and practicality. Perhaps you don’t just want to install door cylinders but also be able to open them in an emergency? If so, you’ll find what you need with our opening tools for locksmiths. In addition, we also supply professional machinery for cutting duplicate keys. We’d be happy to help you put together a selection of BASI products for a specific customer order. We can advise you on lock cylinders or barrels and help identify the correct size you need. Are you short of certain accessories or do you have a technical question about locking systems or single-profile cylinders? If so, our BASI product experts are ready to assist.

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