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| Folding parking posts from BASI


| Advantages of folding parking posts


With fold down parking posts from BASI, you and your customers can secure your property. Whether used for a parking space, a driveway or a passageway – a folding steel parking post is ideal for preventing unwanted vehicle access. The fold-down bollards let you reliably keep out nuisance parking offenders. When you want to use the parking space yourself, simply unlock the barrier post and fold it down. The advantage is obvious: the post stays in place. You don’t have to find a place to store it. And because the post is anchored into the ground, it can’t be removed without tools.


| Overview of the advantages


  • Secure your own parking space
  • Posts can also be used for driveways and passageways
  • Clearly noticeable thanks to yellow and red colour scheme
  • Quick to install on level ground
  • Easy to use: posts fold down quickly
  • Low cost – inexpensive to buy


| Which parking posts are supplied by BASI?


BASI supplies highly visible folding parking posts in the signal colours yellow and red. The colours ensure that the posts can be seen clearly even in hazardous areas. One of the bollards in the BASI range is also extra wide with side brackets, so that it can be seen even more easily. Our folding parking posts ensure maximum flexibility: the posts that we stock are foldable and anchored to the ground with bolts. If you want to enter the blocked off area, the drop down posts can be quickly folded down using the key provided. The posts can also be folded quickly in the event of an emergency.


| What material are the parking bollards from BASI made from?


BASI sells robust, steel posts. Steel can withstand strong mechanical impacts and is extremely sturdy. As well as being sturdy, the foldable steel posts also impress with their design and durability.


| Are there any regulations about where folding parking posts can be installed?


If your customers want to install folding parking posts on their private property, then there is nothing to stop them. However, if the land being secured is adjacent to public areas, then authorisation must be obtained from the relevant German municipality. In general, the Civil Engineering Office grants this type of authorisation. But only in special cases – because the road traffic regulations do not allow parking in front of entrances and exits. There is therefore no legal basis for installing barrier posts, whether static or folding. If the Civil Engineering Office determines that the barrier post is required, then an exemption is granted and the post can be installed. However, if a permit is not obtained in advance, then you have to accept that the municipal public order office can order the post to be removed.


| BASI: Your supplier for folding parking posts


BASI folding parking posts offer excellent value for money. Your customers will love it!

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