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Door Protection

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  • KS 500 - 60
    rim lock, silver,
    backset (A) 60 mm, closing part (B) 98 mm,
    Available in different versions
  • KS 500 - 60
    rim lock with door guard, silver,
    backset (A) 60 mm, closing part (B) 98 mm,
    Available in different versions
  • TK 50
    door chain, lockable, for front doors and apartment doors,
    2 keys, hardened door chain, length 290 mm
    Item No.: 6500-0011
  • TSS 20
    door guard, for front doors and apartment doors,
    stainless steel, size 68x110/59 mm
    Item No.: 6500-0020
  • TK 21
    door chain with scratch protection, for apartment doors,
    silver, hardened chain, chain lenght 185 mm,
    Item No.: 6500-0021
  • TK 22
    door chain, for apartment doors,
    stainless steel, hardened chain, chain lenght 175 mm,
    Item No.: 6500-0022
  • TK 25
    door chain, for front doors and apartment doors,
    hardened and coated chain links, chain holder,
    Item No.: 6500-0025
  • BS 280
    hinge side protection, 280 x 20 mm,
    galvanized, with 3 massive steel pins, with screws
    Item No.: 9552-0000
  • BSA 90
    hinge side protection, 90 x 22 mm,
    galvanized, with 2 massive steel pins,
    Item No.: 9552-0001

| Additional door locks from BASI


Intruders find many ways into the house or flat - whether via the front door, balcony door, cellar door, window or cellar shaft. So that entrance doors do not serve as an invitation to burglars, additional security measures should be taken. It is a fact that most burglaries happen by forcibly levering out inadequately secured windows and doors. Even with simple effort, the entrance door can be secured against burglary - with the help of our additional door locks. 

We offer a wide range of products: ranging from rim locks with or without a locking bar to door chains. Our additional door locks cater for all your customers' requirements!

Burglary protection does not have to be complicated and expensive: Simple additional door locks can effectively keep uninvited guests at bay. If you already have a good foundation with high-quality profile cylinders, fittings and mortise locks, door security devices are not only a useful addition, rather they serve as the "finishing touch".


| Play it safe: BASI rim locks


BASI offers you rim locks with and without a locking bar. Our additional rim locks offer effective protection against burglary for doors that open inwards. The front door or flat door is additionally protected from the inside by the rim lock on the lock side. It has a rotary knob on the inside and is available in various colours. Whether in white, brown, silver or stainless-steel colours - we offer something for every taste and for every door colour. For locking and opening on the outside, a profile rim cylinder can be added as an option.

With our rim lock with door guard, you have the advantage that the door can be opened a crack wide when it is secured. This means that the rim lock can also be used as a child safety device. When the doorbell rings, the front door is initially opened only a crack.


| Door chains and the likes.: For a safe home


Door chains are used for security when you are inside the house. The security chains are only partially useful against burglary, because even if the lock has already been picked, the door cannot be opened. We offer door chains in different designs and with varying degrees of stability.

Door chains ensure a higher level of security when you are inside the flat or house - we call this presence protection. Similar to rim lock with door guard, you can decide for yourself whether or not to let the person in front of the door in.

A door chain, however, also offers a certain degree of protection against burglary. For even if the lock has already been opened by the burglar, they still cannot get the door completely open. Since our door chains are made of hardened steel and are sometimes even additionally coated, the intruder cannot cut through them in this way. A few minutes is all it may take to dissuade the burglar from going through with their plan. 

Our lockable door chain also ensures that the door cannot be easily unlocked unintentionally at the hands of innocent children.

Our door guard also makes it possible to open the door only a crack wide. In addition, its elegant design and material made of high-quality stainless steel lend it a particularly exclusive look.

In addition, hinge side protection also protects against unauthorised opening of doors and windows. Levering it out is made more difficult thanks to the reinforced stability of the hinge side. Our range includes high-quality hinge side protection for wooden doors.

You can also find other additional security devices such as door bars, cellar grating locks and much more here in our online shop!

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