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| Securely lock doors with dimple keys and dimple lock cylinders


Anyone wanting to protect their door particularly effectively against unauthorised access can rely on dimple keys and a dimple cylinder lock. BASI can supply dimple key blanks and dimple cylinder locks in a variety of designs.


| Properties and functions of dimple keys


Dimple keys don’t just have notches or edge cuts, but also dimples. Often, a combination of notches and dimples is used. By having identical holes, i.e. the identical key profile on both sides, the dimple key can lock or unlock the door from either side. This is known as a reversible key. A large number of different locks can be designed with dimple keys because the dimples can vary in terms of depth, gradient and cross-section.


| Dimple cylinders


BASI supplies DIN-tested half cylinders, double cylinders, knob cylinders and rim cylinders each with three dimple keys. These are made from matt nickel-plated brass and available in various lengths and with different lock types. Dimple profile cylinders also offer protection against picking, drilling and lock bumping. 

When using a dimple key, the core pins are moved into the correct position by the dimples in the key, allowing the cylinder core to be turned with the key. In addition to dimple cylinder locks, we also supply core pins in various dimensions and models, as well as other pinning kit accessories such as retaining clips and plugs.


| Padlocks with dimple keys


In addition to classic profile cylinders for doors, we also supply various keyed alike padlocks made from brass and supplied with 3 dimple keys.


| Protection against unauthorised duplicate keys


Original keys can be cut using a code card.

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