Striking Plates

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FLB 946
flat striking plate, for mortise lock ES 946,
right/left handed use, angular, lacquered, 215/24/3 mm

WS 95
angel striking plate, for front doors and apartment doors,
right/left handed use, lacquered, round, 20/20/170 mm

WS 950
angle striking plate, for electric strikes,
nickel-silver lacquered, DIN: right, 250/25/3 mm

FLB 950
flat strikin plate, for electric strikes, right / left
handed use, nickel-silver lacquered, angular, 250/25/3 mm
Item-No.: 9508-0003

SWS 955
security angel striking plate, for front doors,
right / left handed use, lacquered, angular,
Item-No.: 9550-0110

SWS 955M
security angle striking plate, for front doors,
right/left handed use, with 3 loose wall plugs 10mm,
Item-No.: 9551-0110

FLB 955
Flat Striking Plate, Galvanized, Angular
300x30x3 mm, Right/Left Handed Use
Item-No.: 9553-0110


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BASI is the ideal service-oriented partner in all safety belongings. The high-class BASI brand-name products can be purchased to a fair price. They are a real and high attractive option to other brands - for dealer and customers.

BASI stocks security products for safety specialized shops and key services. We provide our customers with an entire program for the daily but also special requirements - up to milling machines.

BASI stockpiles more than 25.000 articles on multiple thousand square meters storage area - basically everything you need in a safety specialized shop or key service.

BASI has got a perfect logistics department.  We provide that all goods will be delivered after the day of the order in Germany. For Europe the deliver will be within three days.

BASI has got more than 10.000 customers and can converse multiple languages.  Our well trained staff can answer questions in English, French, Spanish or Turkish if required.

BASI exists since 1981.  From the beginning Mönchengladbach was the company location for development, manufacture, warehouse and Mmrketing.

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